How do you pronounce Kochere?

Kochere pronunciation

Located in Southern Ethiopia, Kochere is one of the districts in the SNNPR state of Ethiopia.  But how do you pronounce it?  Well here's a hint.  Locals pronounce the word with 3 syllables.

Are you ready? It "Qo - Shu - Ray"

The Qo is prnounced, the same as Ko, or Co, but there is a reason that I used Qo, and that reason is....

because that;s how some locals would spell the English, non-westernized version of the name.  So it would be Qochere.

What is the meaning of Kochere?

Kochere is also a word of Turkish origin and means "to cook". It is pronounced as KO-sheh-reh.

Where is the Ethiopian district of Kochere located?

The Kochere district is located in southern Ethiopia. The people are friendly and the region is full of culture.

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