Is Ethiopian coffee a medium roast?

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Is Ethiopian coffee strong?

The taste is inimitable, sensitive and delicate; from Ethiopian coffee you can perceive notes of jasmine flower, bergamot ...

Is Ethiopian coffee light or dark roasted?

Ethiopian coffee is commonly known for its floral and fruity flavor notes. As a result, a dark roast would silence these...

Why is Ethiopian coffee so special?

Ethiopian coffee is known for its bright, fruity and floral flavors. These coffees tend to have higher acidity, a light...

What roast is Ethiopian coffee?

That's why most Ethiopians prefer different shades of medium (rather than dark) toast. A medium roast provides the best...

What kind of bean is Ethiopian coffee?

Longberry varieties consist of the largest grains and are often considered to be of the highest quality in both value and ...

Is African coffee more acidic?

In general, African coffee is more acidic than South American coffee because it is roasted for shorter periods of time....

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Is Ethiopian coffee high in caffeine?

Is Ethiopian coffee high in caffeine?

The cup of coffee based on the methods of preparation is that the highest caffeine content is found in drip coffee, which ...


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How would you describe Ethiopian coffee?

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